We have already failed 4 IUIS.

but it stopped after a day (1 day bleed and 2nd day just blood while wiping).

Anybody get a negative 8dp5dt then go on to get a positive beta? My beta is thursday, grasping at straws at this point but thought I would ask. .


Posted 18/2/13.

October 2011. . My experience doesn't quite tie up with your dates etc but thought I'd share anyway.

She got her.

2009:(IVF#1 July/August 2010 No transfer due to OHSS 10 frozen embryos FET#1 Oct 14 2010 beta #1 was 7, beta#2 was negative FET#2-Jan. . .

I lost my hopes then but kept going and waiting for miracle. First was.

I tested 8dp5dt with One Step HCG test strips (one in the afternoon and one in the evening) - BFN.

We are all different and some don't show BFP until 16dp5dt! I'm currently 8dp5dt (FET natural cycle) and the line was a little darker today.

October 2011. So I gave in today and did a hpt and it was a BFN : ( Im feeling down as I dont know what I am going to do now this was my 4th cycle and no frozen embies out of 22 fertilized so I will have to do this all over and I dont think its going to work as my RE says it may be something with my egg quality.

Reply. .

She tested again on her OTD and was completely thrown as she got a BFP! She did several more tests and got BFP's every time and her 6 and 12 week scans have found everything to be ok despite her having another few days of bleeding at 10 weeks, she is now 16 weeks.


I've been HPT everyday since 5DP5DT with a stark white BFN on Dollar Tree tests.

Generally feeling down and it's unlikely. I had mild twinges on my lower left side on days 1 and 2 post transfer. Hi I'm 8dp5dt, otd is Friday 13dp5dt, I stupidly tested the past 2 days, yesterday the first test I did didn't work at first as the urine hadn't hit the control after a couple of minutes so I put it in my drawer, when I went back to it an hour later there was a line in the control to say it had worked no a faint line in the test part saying pregnant, I.

. I had 2 lovely blastos transferred on 5th November. Jun 13, 2014 at 10:47 AM. I tested at 2dp5dt and it is a stark negative, not even a hint. .

What you may have confirmed at this point is that the trigger has left your system.

The brown/light spotting could be implantation bleeding (I hope so). BFN 8dp5dt - any hope left?? c.

On 7/8dp5dt I was bleeding.


approved and waiting until agency closed in Nov.

Apr 15, 2013 · IVF 1- March 2012 Antagonist Protocol; BCP until March 3; AFC this cycle is 10 (Hooray); Start stims on March 9; ER on March 19- 2R; 2T (1 perfect 8 cell, 1 scrappy 3 cell); tubal infection from ER-hospitalized.

Generally feeling down and it's unlikely.